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If you would like to support our campaign with a direct donation, you can do this through our partner. Every euro counts and supports our donation goal!

All donated amounts are added to the total donation amount. Of course, our partner will also take care of a corresponding donation receipt for you!

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You want to become a sponsor, would like to recommend us a suitable partner (e.g. your employer) then contact us here and we will talk about further details.

How are the donations used?

The donations go to our partner, the faceALS Foundation. The faceALS Foundation emerged from the faceALS initiative, which was established in 2012; the initiators were Dr. Heiko Ott and Prof. Christian Schreiber, Dr. Heiko Ott and Karl-Heinz Zacher. The reason for their immense commitment to research ALS, were the ALS diseases of Nina Zacher and Prof. Schreiber. Until her death in May 2016, Nina Zacher contributed with many appearances on TV and radio to keep ALS in the awareness of the public. In the meantime, the faceALS Foundation is the world’s only self-operating foundation in the field of research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The faceALS Foundation has its own laboratories and scientific staff from various disciplines. With 2018, the faceALS Foundation was able to initiate the multicenter clinical study “Detection of ALS-specific toponomes”, which should finally enable firm diagnosis of ALS, participants are well-known ALS outpatient clinics from Munich and Ulm.

Since the beginning of 2020, the faceALS Foundation has been planning a monocentric “Proof-of-Concept” study, which is to establish an effective therapy for ALS; the aim is to intervene in the immune system in a modulating way; a so-called “Compassionate Use” has provided very promising data in advance.

The consortium formed by Karl-Heinz Zacher, which consists of partners from science, neurology, transfusion medicine, laboratory diagnostics and technology companies, should enable the rapid implementation of the “therapy study”.

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