Upload run

Here you can manually upload your running data as soon as a challenge is active.

Basically, however, we recommend that you use your favorite running app, which you can then connect to Strava or manually transfer or enter your data with Strava. All you have to do is create a free account and enter the route you have walked. You don’t need a premium account!

Counting kilometers:
The easiest way is to use the Strava app yourself and record your steps / kilometers directly.

On the desktop, after logging in to Strava, you can go to the plus in the top right and add an activity. You will then be given the options of which service you want to import your activity from or whether you want to upload your data manually or via a run file.

Supported apps from Strava:
U.A. Garmin, Zwift. wahoo, Polar, Apple Watch, Suunto, Amazfit, fitbit, Samsung, Peloton, bryton, Pioneer, TrainerRoad, Sigma, Lezyne, Nike, Adidas, runtastic, endomondo, runkeeper, mapmyfitness.

In the following the link to the StravaClub, a free account with Strava is necessary, you can create one on the same page after you have clicked on join:

Here to our Strava Club

If you don’t have the option or don’t want to use Strava, you can use the form to send us a screenshot with the kilometers you have run (from your Laufapp). For this purpose, the total distance and time should be recognizable, as well as your username / name, so that we can use the data. You can send us the booth for the entire week daily or at the very end of the week.